Here’s Our Story

CarDetailingHQ team

Every detail is important, no matter what you’re doing. When it comes to your car, I find that it’s even easier to be meticulous about the smallest details. After all, that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?

You’re at the unofficial headquarters of all car detailers, neat freaks, and passionate car owners. You’re finally home.

Car Detailing HQ was designed to give a safe haven and place for the aficionados to read guides, discuss techniques, products, and everything under the sun.

We’re a collective of detail-oriented people who write, design, and produce everything you read here. It’s like you’re becoming part of a big family (a family of people who have really, really nicely detailed cars).

This site is about you. It’s about the cleaners that make your leather feel brand new, and the ways to clean those small crevices in your car that you didn’t know were there.

It’s about taking your car detailing one step higher.

Some people want to say that you only detail your car because it’s attractive and attention-grabbing, but we know the truth: those are just the perks.

You detail your car to kingdom come just like we do, because it’s a glorious, expensive piece of machinery that you aim to protect. It’s an investment.

We understand, because we’re the exact same way.

This is your place to find guides on the best detailing tools and cleaners, how-to’s on detailing your own car, and a bit of industry insider knowledge along the way.

I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for here on Car Detailing HQ. I trust that you will.